Our Story

NameTerrific is a bootstrapped startup based in Melbourne, Australia. We started in March 2012 with the passion of high-quality web apps, openness and outstanding customer service. The domain name industry is something we'd like to fix.


Open Source

NameTerrific wouldn't have been created without open source. The applications are written with Ruby on Rails framework and running on a Nginx + Unicorn stack.

The user interface is heavily modified on top of Twitter Bootstrap.

Running in the cloud

NameTerrific runs entirely on our own private cloud infrastructure powered by Linux KVM. Our technology stack is heavily optimized to process web requests very quickly with high availability.

Static assets are served by CloudFront CDN.


TerrificDNS backend is built with PowerDNS and Redis backend. It's running in our own Anycast infrastructure with all-in-memory storage.

The high performance and extremely reliable Anycast DNS is included for free in every NameTerrific domain!


All the passwords are hashed and salted with BCrypt before saving into our database, and all our app instances are running in our private cloud.

Your credit cards are tokenized by our payment processor and we never store them in our servers.