You'll love NameTerrific, for sure.

Just plain simple domains.
Professionalism requires focus.

You deserve a professional company to take care of all your domain needs. NameTerrific was created with a strong focus in mind – the best domain name management experience possible. We don't sell hosting or email accounts.

We're reliable.
Built for mission-critical services.

DNS availability means a lot to every online business. That's why we've spent most of our development effort on making our platform extremely scalable and reliable. You can get the most out of your domains on our Anycast infrastructure.

Made by geeks, for geeks.
We don't need a sales department.

We know you want complete control over your stuff. That's why we give you full API access, up to 10,000 records per zone and registry records. We're actively improving our product too. Tell us what you need and we'll definitely get you the kind of awesomeness you love.

We strive for perfection.
That's what NameTerrific means.

Everyday more and more people join NameTerrific and put their domains in good hands. Our product also gets better and better. The domain name industry needs a disruptive fix and we're investing our energy into exactly that.

We created TerrificDNS.
A flexible, scalable and reliable Anycast DNS service.

TerrificDNS is a scalable and fully managed Anycast DNS service developed by NameTerrific. All NameTerrific domains come with free unlimited Anycast DNS powered by TerrificDNS.


DNS Snippet

DNS Snippet allows you to quickly add and replicate DNS records. It has built-in pub/sub, so you can make changes to multiple domains very easily.

Dynamic Endpoint

A NameTerrific service that provides advanced DNS features such as Dynamic DNS, Intelligent Failover and Alias Records. Coming soon for all customers.

API Support

All TerrificDNS records can be managed via Restful API. You can fully automate DNS management for all your domains. More details available at Developer Portal.

It's all about experience.
Move fast and get things done.

Never be tired clicking "No thanks" on upselling offers again. Productivity means a simple and elegant UI, quick access to features and process de-duplication.



It can be a pain to deal with domain contact information. You only have to do it once on NameTerrific — the second time you buy a domain, just assign a profile and it's done.

Domain Admins

One domain doesn't just belong to one account. You can assign domain admins so that everyone on the list will be able to manage the domain and its DNS records.

NameTerrific is a platform.
And you're a part of it.

Domain name industry is a small part in today's Internet. But it's one of the most critical components in modern Internet infrastructure. Being an innovative domain name service provider is not the end, we aim to develop an entire ecosystem for developers to innovate.


By adopting OAuth as the exclusive authentication and authorization mechanism in NameTerrific API, now developers can ask for permission to manage their users' domains directly.

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