Recommended hosting services

We don't sell hosting because we have decided to focus on improving domain name services. We of course agree that web hosting is another critical component of your online presence, and fortunately we have a list of hosting providers that have good track records on providing high-quality services.

Full Disclosure   NameTerrific will receive a small commission when you sign up for their services through the links on this page. However we promise that we only responsibly endorse reputable companies that in our opinion will most likely be loved by our customers.


NameTerrific is currently running majority of its services on SingleHop's infrastructure. SingleHop offers the industry-leading on-demand hosting platform that automatically provisions dedicated servers, public cloud servers and private clouds. Highly recommended for geeks!

Go to SingleHop [Non-referral link]


MediaTemple is a premium hosting provider with grid hosting service and virtualized servers at affordable prices. All of their services come with easy-to-use interface and helpful customer support (pretty much like NameTerrific). Recommended for professional bloggers.

Go to MediaTemple [Non-referral link]


Dreamhost offers shared hosting with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for just $8.95/month. They offer VPS and dedicated servers for larger websites as well. Sign up with promo code NAMETERRIFIC to receive a $50 discount on your first order.

Go to Dreamhost [Non-referral link]